21 Days of Habits to a Healthier lifestyle

When you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels and gain more lean muscle, getting started can feel intimidating. What changes can you make to your lifestyle that will put you on the fastest track to success?

he following 21 items are daily habits that you can implement into your life
that will expedite your results and create long term, sustainable results:
1. Eat at least 30g of protein per meal
2. Only shop on outside aisles of grocery store
3. Eat vegetable at every meal
4. Turn off all electronics 30 minutes before bed
5. Be in bed before 10:30 PM with lights out
6. Park car as far away from stores as possible to increase steps
7. Eat lunch outside
8. Stop eating at 80% full
9. Buy a nice water bottle that you keep with you
10. Throw away junk food
11. Eliminate additional calories from soda or beer
12. Pack lunch to eliminate eating out
13. No Fast food
14. Go on a nightly family walk
15. Eliminate liquid calories
16. Only fruits, veggies, nuts or seeds visible on kitchen counters
17. Get nine hours of sleep on weekend days
18. No eating two hours before bed
19. Write meal plan for week
20. Pre- make vegetables to prepare for week
21. Schedule physically active weekend activity


When done perfectly, these 21 habits will redefine how you live so you never
have to worry about fat loss and low testosterone ever again.

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